Sunday, January 03, 2010

No Title (or is it?)


Do you ever feel like sometimes there's just so much on your mind that you don't even want to bother to start to speak about it? Yeah, well me too.

But for anyone who cares, here are some random thoughts...

1) It totally sucks watching someone get older to the point of their unhappiness and those around them. About growing old, my uncle Stanley used to say "Yeah but the alternative is a bitch!" I've always quoted him on that, but I'm not so sure I agree anymore, ya know?

2) I miss the blogger life, yet don't know if I have what it takes to be more regular...other than a little metamucil.

3) I went to see "Blind sided" by myself....I really enjoyed it....both the movie and going alone.

4) This is the month that I lost my mom...words about that would never do it justice.

5) I really don't like when someone leaves a comment as anonymous and doesn't at least sign their name.

6) I'm sick of how political views (and religion for that matter) separate people into right or wrong, or smart or dumb.

7) I've started taking tap dancing classes. Can you believe I'm going to be in a recital in April??

8) I never knew how much I enjoyed cooking.

9) I am in a local gallery with my photos. As excited as I was at the opening (with wine, cheese, etc), I'm equally as uncertain as to whether or not I truly have any talent there.

10) I wish there was a sure-fire way to know if someone loves or cares about you...or if it's about something else altogether.

So with that, I've begun to blog again. And of course, here are a few photos...on the other hand, maybe not.
Love to all...




madcobug said...

I have always loved your photos Nancy. They should sell good. Just bog when you feel like it. I don't blog very much anymore myself.
Hugs, Helen

sunflowerkat321 said...

I like when you blog Nance, because you always make me think. I hope we both can get back to it, at least just a bit.

Love you SO much...

Cindy said...

It is so great to read a blog post from you Fancy Nancy!! Sounds like a few really exciting things are going on. Maybe a blog entry like this one (or not) would be nice every couple of days (or more!) LOVE & HUGS xoxox Phin

Heather said...

I think you should blog when you feel like it. I blog when I want, and it works for me, or at least it has for 5 years!

I love your photos, and you totally deserve to have them in a gallery!

Linda :) said...

one of my new years resolutions is to be a better blogger.... I miss your pictures... Have a great week! :)

Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................

Martha@Menagerie said...

Great to see an entry from you Nance, sorry I'm so late getting here. I hope to see you popping in more often. Love and hugs! Martha