Saturday, September 03, 2011

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Slightly Color Blind's been a while that I've played in the Round Robin Photo Challenges...and I've missed it.

But this challenge was my idea (so they say) from way back. And though I don't remember it, of course I had to play! lol

The challenge was to simply change an original photo so that its color is altered to make it different and interesting. So I decided to go subtle, and I'm pleased with the results.

This first one was a straight-forward sky blue background. But I love the color combination of Purple and Blue, so I just made that happen!

This next one was meant to be deleted as it started as a rather boring fall reflection shot. I mean, the colors had not yet peaked and were rather dull. So with a tiny tweak of the editing, the following photo appeared. I just liked how the fall colors only appear in the water. Pretty cool, huh?

And finally, I call this one "Too Much of a Good Thing".

I took a photo of a bunch of different colored leaves that had fallen. But ya know how we often look for the brightest oranges or reds? Well, I made them ALL red, yet to my surprise, that just didn't work for a nice photo. I like the original better. How about you?

So go on over to The Round Robin Blog and check out the other fine, creative entries!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Have a my expense

So I was going to post some pics the other day and nothing worked right....including me. And after today, I see there's still truth in that statement.

Moving to the country has well, made me a bit of a country girl. By that, I mean I learned to make my own tomato sauce with our homegrown tomatoes. And while I thoroughly enjoy the experience, it's a rather time consuming process.

Not wanting to waste a single bit of that effort, I froze a bucket-load of my yummy sauce...some in smaller containers, but one gigantic one. In fact, it's so big, that in order to make room for the huge amount of shopping I did this weekend, I had to remove it from the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge.

Here we are today.

As busy as my day was today, there was no friggin way I was going to not use that sauce....nor did I want to "waste it" on some simple pasta. So I decided on a veggie lasagna. Problem was that I had nothing but the sauce. But hey, I was determined.

So at my short lunch break today, I skipped out on half my sandwich and went grocery shopping. I bought all the necessary ingredients, from cheeses to veggies, and kept it cold in an insulated bag to hold me over till after work.

I came home tonight, buckled down (with a poured glass of wine), and made what just might be one of my best, homemade lasagnas ever. As I put on the finishing touches, I popped it into the oven with a big smile on my face. Mission accomplished....

Or was it?

I'm thinking about the ONLY reason this lasagna might be lacking in any way, would be due to using that stupid store-bought tomato sauce. But hey, I had to suck it up because it's no longer tomato season and anyway...


That's right, I completely forgot to use my defrosted homemade sauce.

::::::::::pausing for laughter:::::::::::::::::::

And here's another little ditty for ya:

Before the supermarket, I stopped in Rite Aid for a couple of things. At one point, a girl comes out of a room and lets out one of the biggest belches I've ever heard (at least from a woman). Ok so clearly she didn't know I was standing there, but right after the nasty noise, she made eye contact with me and continued walking past me without so much of an apology or an "excuse me". And she worked there!!

Just at that moment, I notice the antacids in the aisle. I decided to pick up a box and when I saw her (hopefully in front of another employee), I was going to hand it to her and say, "Hey, thought you might need these".

Don't ya know, not only did I never see her again...I forgot all about it and am now the proud owner of some antacids that I accidentally purchased.

Hey, if the lasagna is awful with that crappy sauce, I just may need them.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Quick Question

Anyone remember me??

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm at a loss...

Hello you guys, I've been getting the bug to blog lately and have that usual problem I often have...where to start. So just to get my self back in the game, I'm going to post some random shots of some of my new friends. Hope you enjoy meeting them as much as I have!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've developed a bit of a fascination for Dragonflies.
They are all so unique...some quite beautiful, and others downright creepy. For instance, take a look at this first one!
I've nicknamed him Batman, but after further thought, I changed my mind (you'll see what I mean at the end of this post)!
Anyway, hope you enjoy...

Ok, now take a look at the Hubble Spacecraft. Doesn't my first Dragonfly look JUST like it??

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Three's Not a Crowd

I'm back with the Round Robins this month and I'm thrilled!

(Carly..."You make me want to be a better blogger"!)

This week's challenge came from my buddy Marie. We're supposed to post anything in sets of three's.

I was immediately led to one of my favorites...the growth process of something.

Being that it's spring, let's take a look at a flower....a simple tulip.

If you like, go check out the other entries over here!

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