Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ok, so maybe not so much.

But it is time for the letter X for Martha's "A-Z challenge"!

I thought of posting pics of some of my "ex'es"....but then I thought they might get pissed. THEN I thought..."and that's a bad thing?"

Lol...who am I kidding? I don't even have pics of them to post!

Anyway, here are 2 x's I found in my yard this afternoon.

Have a good day!

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madcobug said...

Great pictures Nancy. I would have never thought of using the tree limbs. Cute bird. Helen

Martha said...

Much better than ex's!
Hugs :-)

Chris said...

Great shots. I like how the branches of the second one go off frame at the corners. That's something I learned in class too, when we discussed composition. So much to know and practice!

Bridgett said...

Loves it! :)


Julie said...

I love your X's. very clever.

Family Affair Photography said...

I had to laugh about the ex'es - I don't have a photo either and I'm okay with that! Besides, it would scare people if I posted that kind of x.

What you found is much more enjoyable and so natural!


Oz Girl said...

But maybe the ex's wouldn't have ever known you posted less than flattering pics of them on your blog.... lol. I love the branch X's, very imaginative!

lisaschaos said...

X was such a hard letter! I forgot the deadline but will have mine up tonight. :)

Jimmy's Journal said...

I must give you eggstra credit for the tree limbs, but I'm a little miffed about you giving me the bird.

How, exactly, did you come up wuth that extraordinary thought? It must have been easy after you spotted those tree limbs because (groan) X marks the spot. I didn't see any G's in the picture.


TJ said...

How clever!!
It's so good to our birds back...I had a blue bird firat time ever...I can't get that close with my lens.
Thanks for sharing.

Linda :) said...

I love the tree X's and the little birdie too... :)
Have a great weekend!!

Brandi said...

Hey Nancy it HAS been too long! : )

I did get your comment about a blog template and I would love to do one for you. I have several people waiting (: x) but send me an email and I'll let you know all the info I'll need. : )

Hope things are going well!


Brandi said...

oh and email = brandilynneliz at aol dot com lol

Story Teller said...

Nice write. Where are you? Not seen in Tell A Tale? There is a new prompt and it relates so well. Wish to see you there soon.

Take care and Write On!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great x entry..very imaginative! :)

mtrib2 said...

It is sort of a rohrshock test. Would I have seen the X's if I were not looking for them? I just hope I am seeing the forest for the trees. lol Actually I am more depressed these days, but I am making an attempt. mark/salty