Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sixth Grade

I took the following photo and added a special quote to it:

Mrs. Schorr was my absolute favorite teacher ever. She changed my life.

I started acting out in fifth grade and was heading in the wrong direction in school. My mom knew Mrs. Schorr and her reputation, and fought hard to get me into her class the following year. It worked. But not only did it work in that I got into her class, but it worked in that she turned me around. I became the person I wanted to be...the person I truly was inside. She saw and expected only good things from me...and I gave her the best I could give.

Throughout the years, Mrs. Schorr remained in both my mother's and my life. When I turned 16, she gave me a pendant of a stone with the following words written on it:

Hold fast to dreams...for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

I often think of Mrs. Schorr and all the wisdom she passed onto me. And I especially think of her when I see birds.

The above photo is dedicated to Mrs. Schorr...wherever she may be...may she always know how much she touched my life.

I will always continue to hold onto my dreams.....I hope that you do the same.

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Toon said...

I didn't really find a teacher like that until college, but I'm glad I finally did!

nancy said...

I had a few teachers that I get along. I am not friend wirh any. Now that I am back to school, I sort of friend with the teacher.She went to school with my sister at grammar school and her husband and my cousin's husband are friends, small world. Have a great weekend. Nancy

Anonymous said...


Krista said...

That's really sweet. Sometimes people are really able to grasp what another person needs, and through that help them immensely. It's heartwarming when these people are teachers! :o)

Jimmy's Journal said...

How nice! I distinctly remember my fifth and sixth grade teachers who helped guide me. A fitting tribute...


Martha said...

That's beautiful Nance.
Enjoy what's left of the weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Nancy.. I got here by way of your comment on Dad's Tomato Garden Blog and I am glad I did. The quote is wonderful and what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful teacher. ...Joan

Anonymous said...

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Wine and Words said...

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Maria said...

Hey, Nancy! For some reason my blog has a link to yours on my entry for the Perspectives community photo challenge. I hope you enter it! I love your photos! I bet you have some great perspective shots. This entry was very nice too about teachers....smiles, Maria

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