Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Request for a Reply

Hello strangers,

I've been real busy, but without any legitimate excuse as to why I've been such a bad blogger and commenter. Yet, this loss leaves me sad.

I wanted to ask anyone who might be still reading this, to simply leave me a comment. I'm struggling with whether or not to get back into the swing of things here, or to simply let it continue to slip away.

I'd really appreciate your feedback. (I'm not hinting for anyone to ask me to stick around, I truly just want to know if anyone is still following this blog).

Thanks a bunch!



cindy said...

I'm here. I feel just the same as you about blogging! Just feels like it's slipped away and is maybe not worth the time.

Martha said...

I'm still here Nance! I just have to slow down on blogging now that I'm back to work and the kids heading back to school on Monday - I'm just back to being a weekend blogger. I hope you'll stick around :-)

Julie said...

I am still here also though thinking about throwing it all in. It seems like everyone is gone. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Waving. I enjoy the reading of blogs more than writing in them. I'm still here, but I hope you know I'll always be around(over & above blogging) for you. ~Mary

Astaryth said...

I'm still here! I don't blog much anymore cause I'm boring... but I'm still here ;p I hope you don't leave. Even if you only blog once in a while I'll still see cause I have you in my RSS reader.

I was thrilled when I opened up my reader and saw an entry from you. So many have drifted away and disappeared. I still keep their feeds in my reader unless they delete their blogs completely. I always hope that someday if I keep an eye on their blogs they will come back :)

Donna said...

Anyone using a feed reader will know when you make a new entry, no matter how long you've been away. I love blogging, and I do it mostly for myself. If nobody reads except a couple of relatives, that's fine. I say if you want to continue, by all means do so. It's your choice.

Clyde said...

Hi Nance
I read all the blogs on my list as well as every photo in all my friends' Flickr posts. I wish I had time and words to leave a comment. They all need a "Like This" button like Facebook has to let you know at least that somebody stopped by. I hardly ever get comments on my blog and seldom get comments on my photos except from my long time friends. But I know they are being visited. I guess it's therapy for me and if it helps anybody, all the better. I'll try to leave my fingerprints in the future, if my hands are working and the keyboard is close. ( Kinda make-shift arrangement at the moment ) Looking forward to seeing more beautiful pics!
Cheers :-)

Indigo said...

I'm still here dear friend. For me I'm not blogging as much these days...however it's still nice to know someone is out there. By the way I've switched blogs, I'm now here:

Thinking of you! (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

I'm still here.

My .02? If it's too much like a chore, and too much work for you right now, then you should stop for awhile. Blogging should be an outlet, should be fun, creative, passionate, but never a chore.


gina said...

wow...beautiful, really, really beautiful.

gina said...

also love the dragonfly...never seen a purple one before. so what's your decision about blogging?? as you know i've been away from it most of the year...not sure if i'll start again, but thinking about it.

Carly said...

Hey Cutie :)

Yes, please continue to put up with all of us! LOL! We love you in this community... a lot. I have had an awful time lately (the past 6 months) with feeling inspired to blog. After reading the comments, I see it is happening to all of us. Just take life, and blogging, and the will to blog, as it comes, and we will always be here to say HI NANCE when you post!

By the way, is it time we start calling ourselves "Psychic SISTAS?" LOL. Two dragonflies, all those miles apart! Beautiful pic sweetie!

Hugs, Carly

Jimmy's Journal said...

I always stop to see if you posted and I'm glad you've posted anew. Giving up or letting things slip away is not a part of your character!

Keep at it!


Ann LRD said...

Awwwwww Hugs!

Funny how we all go through these stages about blogging. I keep hearing this. I guess that is why Twitter has become a fav. Just short comments or a link or even a photo on their special one photo at a time page. Short and sweet but if you log out you might not get back to your tweet???????? I lost 2 of them;-)

Yes,Life is really not so restful for many right now.

But you are a favorite and a great photographer so you will always have followers:)


Kathy said...

Well, count me in on still reading. I've had a bit of a 'go of it' over the last 8 or 9 months and so even my own writing, reading and commenting has been sporadic at best.

Stay. You've been missed. You'd be missed. :)

Maria said...

To Blog or not to blog..that is the question...or maybe it's just how often. I love your photos and reflections! So keep it up!