Sunday, February 01, 2009

I've got something for U!

It's that time again....for Martha's A-Z challenge!
While waiting in an airport one day, I noticed this incredibly odd woman. I'm only going to show you PART of her oddness....because I was able to make up a good enough reason to take this picture. (but man, you shoulda seen the rest of her!)

Unbelievable (or Ugly)

Next, I need to tell you that although we have 3 pets, rarely the 3 shall meet. It's been years of chases and swatting, but finally, finally....I present you with:

Which, by the way, nicely leads me to the next photo.
I mean, they are certainly starting to love one another but this is getting ridiculous!


And speaking of Unacceptable.....
("Kids, step away from the computer)

Oh c'mon now...did you really think I would post THAT?
It's just a photo I took, looking down at my knees while sitting on a bus. Seriously!
(Though I must admit I almost posted a shot of myself in some nice undies...and I never would have admitted it was my butt)

Finally, on a more "normal" note, this photo was taken from inside a hot air balloon.

Up, Up, and Away!

That's all folks!


LivingSimply47 said...

Great Pics!!!

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving me those great Birthday Wishes!!!
They were very much appreciated!! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday,

madcobug said...

Those were great Nancy. Some good giggles out of them. Helen

Martha said...

Excellent collection of U photos Nance! I wanna see the whole lady from the first shot! Unacceptable really cracked me up, LOL!
Linking list coming right up! :-)

Cindy said...

Hehe, I always enjoy your A-Z photos, because you go all out and don't post just one. Unacceptable cracked me UP! xoxo Phin

Bridgett said...

Honest to goodness, I giggled at every single picture (well, except that hot air balloon...that was just pretty!).

Those nails were pretty wicked looking.

And the 'unacceptable?' ROFL! My three bunny sisters insist on humping each other all the time. I wasn't expecting that when I got all females. LOL

Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

I am on the FREAKING FLOOR laughing at unacceptable!

Julie said...

Simply wonderfully funny. Love that ladies ring, just so odd. Great shots.

lisaschaos said...

Those nails are something else! Love her turtle ring though. :) You had me laughing with unacceptable, kness and the thought of showing undies. :)

Liz said...

Thanks for the best laugh I have had in weeks or is that months or... :)

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great pics,thanks for sharing

Alice said...

Hi Nancy. I'd almost be afraid to get close enough to those nails to get a picture!! Your babies are so cute :).......

Light and Voices said...

Hands down those nails win weirdest I ever saw.

Tammy said...

I'm still smiling Nance. I had no idea you had a cat. Nice ass!

Love you!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Although the kitty didn't seem too comfortable, it didn't protest either.


BTW, nice knees!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Just what I needed...a heaping dose of Nancy humor.

You never fail to surprise me.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha h ha ha. The ones of the dogs humping cracks me up because Tink does that to Darby. 'Cept Tink is 5 lbs and Darby is 40lbs! HAHAHAHHA.

I loved the "up & away" one, such brilliant color! :]

Linda :) said...

I love it!! Too funny!!
and do you think she washes her own dishes..... :)

TJ said...

You made the move and your blog looks great!!
Love the shots and the humor as I always do!
Have been gone but I plan on getting back on track.
Love TJ

Michelle said...

You've got a nice pair of knees there, darlin'... Can't WAIT to see what you post for V!!! LORD ONLY KNOWS!

"Unacceptable" had me on the floor. Keep that pooch away! LOL

Love you bunches!

mtrib2 said...

I see there is some Mae West in you Nancy. Just kidding. I am going to the doctor Mon. for my hip problem. I could not figure out why I was feeling so down, and it is now apparent that my hip is the problem. Knowing that makes me feel better, and things make more sense now, as I am doing everything to improve my health thru exercise, quitting smoking, eating properly. I cleared out an easel area of a painting, as I read about painting, and have in my mind how I would like to make brush stokes. I have read, paint with your mind, not with your eyes. Even just a little at a time so that something new emerges. mark

Maria said...

These are simply amazing Nancy! Not only have you got some very clever entries you have a wonderful sense of humor as well..nice knees..LOL....the balloon shot is very colorful. Hey, our dog used to do that to our cat too..and funny thing was the dog was a girl!!!!!!!:) Life is full of surprises...:) Maria

Ann LRD said...

Talk about having fun entertaining with a camera:)

gina said...

you are too funny! i've just been browsing through some of your, i've been gone a long time! you have some really great pix here. i love the heron reflection.