Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another test entry

Woo hoooooo...I uploaded something! I'm getting there.
Hey, if I get the hang of this...I just may start doing a REAL blog on this.

Wish me luck!

(Good luck, Nancy.)

(Thanks...Love, Nancy)


Dan said...

I'm not sure how I ended up here. I think I took the wrong turn after the Taco Bell, but I think your enthusiasm is adorable.

Welcome to the big, bad blogosphere!

Colorsonmymind said...

Hi Nancy-
I use a canon digital rebel xt with different lenses. I have a 50mm 1.8 and a 100mm in addition to the kit lens. I also shoot through duaflex and argus vintage cameras.
Thanks for the compliments:)

Thea from colorsonmymind

monsooner said...

Good luck, Nancy. A new beginning?? :D

Tammy said...

Hey Nancy!

Love it!


Tammy said...

Nancy, sign on here and choose by artist or song. Copy the code into sidebar.

Call me if you need help!

Love ya,

Tammy said...

Woohoo! You got a job and won a photo! I just LOVED your framed pictures and the tractor. Call me before work starts!

Much love!

Tammy said...

Hi Nancy,
I took a week off from the computer but caught up on all your blogs today. The pictures were my favorites, especially of Abigail!

I loved your meme and well deserved award.

I need to play with AOL AGAIN!

Love ya!

Diana said...

welcome to blogland! thanks for entering my giveaway.

I'm Toni said...

Thanks for commenting on my quilled cardinal! - you're entered!
have fun!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I like to invite you to my One World ~ One Heart Giveaway of "Masquarade"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy
Finally found you. Couldn't post in your other journals. I loved some of your pics though. Especially the three of the wee little girl (grandy?) and the tractor with the flat tire.

Please check in the next week or two for the three pay it forward items.
I've decided to make all three and then get you to pick in the order you left comments.


Naturegirl said...

Nancy keep posting heartfelt photos like the one with Stu and sweet Bubba and wee flower fairies and you have me as a fan!!A pet owner can idendify with the emotion in the photo of love expressed! Nice to meet you!Thank you for leading me here! :) NG

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I know who you are from Tammy. I read her comment and it seems congratulations are in order... woo hoo!

In answer to your question, I used to sell my work from time to time, but I've always been happier just to share it, content with the fact that occasionally I touch people.

Sharon said...

Oh Nancy....will we ever get the hang of this????


TJ said...

Found ya again....Must change my link!
Love your your blog!
Love you,

TJ said...

Found ya again....Must change my link!
Love your your blog!
Love you,